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introducing blk beats

Y’all know we couldn’t end June without acknowledging Black Music History Month! Founded in 1979, this month shines a spotlight on the impact and the inspiration that Black music has contributed to American culture. 

In celebration of Black Music History Month, our team curated a playlist featuring a selection of Black dance + house artists who kept us groovin all through June.

Peep the playlist below and get ready to press play ▶️




BLK WINS strives to be a direct resource for people, specifically Black youth, to discover and identify who we truly are, where we come from, and how we got here. Our aim is to not only educate our current generation, but to also pass this on to our future generations to come.

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For Us, By Us

One of the biggest things that we want our audience to take away from this project is that this is something we made for each other—through the collective and relevant experiences of our history,

education, and lifestyle.


Research Driven

We will showcase our investigative research process by giving a "behind the scenes" look while conducting our

research and during our 1st-person interviews. We want viewers to feel like they're in the room with us during

interviews and will provide as many citations as possible in order to build trust and highlight our transparency.



Black Wins

Instead of being defined by our trauma, our aim is to switch the

narrative and highlight historical Black milestones. We want to

reignite that sense of pride for our race, and ultimately bridge the gap between our past and our present.


Modern Delivery

Our method is to disassociate from all the archaic ways our Black history has been presented and introduce a different approach that is

new, fresh, and even more relevant with how our target audience currently digests information.

Let's Make It Happen.

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