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[BLK WINS] strives to be a direct resource for Black people, specifically Black youth, to discover and identify who we truly are, where we come from, and how we got here. Our aim is to not only educate our current generation, but to also pass this on to our future generations to come...

Black Americans that have been willfully denied the opportunity to know our history. This results in the lack of a sense of identity despite what the traditional White American institutions have taught us and has continued to do so to this day. 

Unless you have taken African-American studies in a college institution, we rely on our family members and/or word of mouth to know our history. 

Traditional white American history has tried to erase our advancement and has highlighted our trauma and plight, rather than our strengths, successes and wins. 


Our goal with this project is to be that book of knowledge so that no other Black child has to believe all we have is slavery and the civil rights movement to define who we are. By deconstructing and dismantling the way Black history has been taught, we are introducing a new narrative that is an honest reflection on our Black identity. 


We are limitless and far MORE than what we’ve been through. And, we must be pretty dope to have a whole society dedicate themselves for hundreds of years to withhold our history from us. 


Knowledge is Power.  


Our Founding Team



As a well-rounded marketer who has worked

primarily with startups, I’ve done a bit of

everything. My goal is to use the talents that

I’ve accumulated over the years to make a

lasting impact on the next generation of Black youth.




As an aspiring broadcaster looking to further my

career in journalism, I have identified

my passion for storytelling. My goal is to use my

God-gifted talents to uncover hidden truths and

spread the word to those who seek

knowledge of self-identification in order to

build a stronger connection with the past and

the present.




I am a contemporary visual artist and songwriter

from Tacoma, WA. Emphasizing the aesthetics

"Black Magic" (Black Girl Magic or Black Boy

Joy), my work questions the conditions /

appearance of black people in the context of

contemporary visual culture.





I specialize in marketing operations with a

background in the arts, along with a dedicated focus to the contributions that Black identity has brought to American culture. Through my work, I look forward to challenging and reshaping how the legacy of our history is going to be taught to our future generation.


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